There are three ways to make a booking with the Glebelands centre depending on your preference:

Option 1 – Event Calendar

Click on the following link to open the calendar. View the appropriate date and click the + sign to add a booking.


Option 2 – Online Booking Form

Please complete the following form and we’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours.






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    Option 3 – Download Booking Form

    You may also download a copy of the Booking Form in PDF format if you would like to complete it ‘offline’ and send it to the centre at Greystoke Road, Ferring, BN12 5JL

    Booking Terms and Conditions

    Data Protection Statement:
    Your personal data will be used by The Glebelands Centre for the purpose of this booking.  Your information will be only be shared with third parties as required by law.  By submitting this booking form, I confirm that I wish to book The Glebelands Centre and agree and accept the Terms and Conditions above and within the Glebelands Centre Privacy Policy (copy available on request).

    The main centre is hired at £20 per hour unless agreed otherwise, in advance, by the Glebelands Centre.  The use of bouncy castles and certain equipment may incur an additional charge.  Please allow time for setting up and clearing away within the hire period, i.e the ‘per hour’ hire charge applies from the time of the hirer’s arrival until the time of departure.  A £100 refundable deposit may be requested for larger parties.

    Hirers shall satisfy themselves that the facilities for hire are suitable for their purposes.  There is a new kitchen – with food preparation facilities – available for use.  Hirers should note that there is an additional single payment of £15 for use of this kitchen facility.  The hirer will be responsible for the provision of any crockery, glasses etc that are required.  There is a separate small kitchen area which is included in the Centre hire cost.  Tables and chairs are provided by the Centre.

    • No fixings to be used on the walls or any part of the premises apart from white tac.
    • No ‘confetti’ to be used for decoration.
    • No large electrical items to be used without prior consent from the centre.

    The hirer is responsible for the preservation of good order during the hire.

    The sale of alcohol is not allowed.  Should a pay bar be required please enquire with the centre organiser who can arrange for a bar, subject to the necessary licence being issued by Arun District Council.  Additional charges will be made for this.

    On leaving the building, please ensure the hall and toilets are left clean and tidy.  Any rubbish should be placed in the bin. Please make sure all heating and lighting are switched off.

    We reserve the right to invoice for any loss or damage to the centre and its facilities

    Please leave the building quietly so, as to avoid disruption to our neighbours.

    Hirers Liability

    The hirer will accept responsibility for damage to the premises and its’ equipment and for any claim involving injury to persons except where it is deemed as negligence on the part of the Glebelands Centre.

    Alarm and Heating

    On entering the building, to deactivate the alarm, wave the fob over the sensor on the alarm panel. To activate the alarm, when leaving, please wave the fob over the sensor on the alarm panel.  Then press the tick when prompted.  These instructions are also on the wall near the alarm panel.  The front door will then need to be locked.

    Please refer to instructions displayed in the hall to turn on the heating.  Any alteration or any additional heaters is strictly forbidden.  The heating needs to be turned off when leaving the centre.


    Payment is required in advance of hire and can be made by cheque payable to ‘The Glebelands Centre’ and posted to the Glebelands Centre.  Alternatively payment can be by BACS to the Glebelands account.  Sort code is 09-01-28.  Account number 20150908.

    Cancellation Charges

    Cancellation two (or more) weeks prior to date of booking = 20% of hire charge payable

    Cancellation one week prior to date of booking = 40% of hire charge payable

    Cancellation less than 48 hours prior to date of booking = 100% of hire charge payable